"Bravo Catering has catered for Monida Healthcare Network since 2005.  They provide the dinners for our Board of Directors’ Meetings and the lunches for our Core Group meetings.  Bravo is always on time and the staff is very accommodating.  For our Board meetings, I give Ryan the number of people and the delivery time and he creates the menu.  It is always new and delicious.  Board members often tell me they enjoy the food and always look forward to our meals.  Our Core Group luncheons are themed events and Ryan and I work together to create the menu.  This is certainly fun for me and he is very gracious about my suggestions.  Again, our guests compliment us on the lunches and I pass the praise on to Ryan and his staff.  I have a solid friendship with Ryan and the Bravo staff from working with them for five plus years plus the adventure and excitement of new menus and gourmet food prepared by these talented chefs."  ~ Darlene, Office Manager and Administrative Assistant, Monida Healthcare Network

"Many thanks to Ryan and Bravo Catering for helping make our engagement party the event we had hoped for.  Not only was the food great, Bravo’s staff was also exceptionally professional, flexible, and hard working.  My fiancée and I were able to relax and just enjoy the evening." ~ Dana Hupp, Partner, Gough, Shanahan, Johnson & Waterman

"I highly recommend Bravo Catering.  I have worked with Ryan and his staff on numerous weddings and events over the years and always appreciate their dedication to providing unparalleled food, utilizing the best seasonal and local ingredients. Bravo’s mobile catering capabilities make planning events in remote locations or in facilities ill-equipped for catering easy and seamless. Ryan’s level of professionalism and the thoughtfulness he brings to each event makes working him and his team a dream.  Plus, I dream about his mini pulled pork tacos, they are unbelievably good!"  ~ Jennifer Horsley, Owner, Habitat Events & Habitat Floral Studio

"I am very thankful every time I have to plan an event that I can call Ryan and Bravo Catering.   When we use Bravo Catering my stress level goes way down because I know I can count on them to do a fantastic job.  They have very professional staff, their food is fantastic and Ryan is always willing to help me figure out what would be a good menu for the event.  Even when I can’t be at the function I know I don’t have to worry about anything because they always do a great job!   My confidence level with Ryan and Bravo Catering is so high I recommend everyone try them one time and I promise it won’t be your last." ~ Rayni Lenz, Executive Assistant, Allegiance Benefit Plan Management, Inc.

"Using Bravo Catering for our wedding reception was a great decision.  Ryan is extremely creative and the food looked and tasted amazing.  He can really do anything.  Ryan met every timeline and requirements we had, which meant we were not stressed at all.  In addition, his Team was extremely professional.  They left our space in perfect condition.  The best part is our guests raved about the food and the presentation.  Bravo Catering would be a great choice for any event."  ~ Allison

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